Actors with the most Oscars

Actors with the most Oscars

Is ‘Selling Sunset’ Fake? Chrissy Teigen Questions if Agents are Real. Love ‘Lovecraft Country’? It turns out that Tess looks exactly like a certain actress, and so the thieves aim to exploit this resemblance and have Tess impersonate the actress to gain access to where the egg is located. The actress in question is, of course, Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts is playing a character who is pretending to be Julia Roberts. Crazy as it is, the plan might have worked, had Bruce Willis who appears in the movie actually playing himself , not been there, too. Now, lesser versions of this scenario happen all the time in movies.

Elena Gilbert

Register to update information, save favorites, post photos, news stories and comments. Main Details. Who is Matt Damon dating right now? Matt Damon is married to Luciana Barroso. March December 9, – present 3 children Damon met Barroso while filming the comedy “Stuck on You” in Miami, where Barroso worked as a bartender.

Matt Damon Dating History. Relationship info powered by: Married; Relationship; “Encounter”. 9. Luciana Barroso and Matt Damon.

Five years after her last acting role, the double Oscar-winner is back with Hotel Artemis. She talks about always playing tough characters, the lack of roles for older women and her friendship with Mel Gibson. There is, however, a typical Foster expression. To come through childhood megastardom unscathed and to keep going after a man tries to assassinate the president because, he says, he was trying to impress you.

To then determinedly make the shift into adult roles by taking on characters others advise you not to because they are deemed too risky, including that of a brutally raped woman in The Accused and Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs, both of which won Foster Oscars. Through all this, Foster stayed silent during the decades of speculation about her sexuality, only to come out at 51 exactly as she wanted, in a speech at the Golden Globes in which she confirmed she was gay and laughed at the idea she owed it to the public to come out to them.

No one can push Foster off the path she has chosen. Although there are definitely parts of me that are crazy. Images of Foster staying up all night, knocking back tequila and dancing to EDM are now running through my head, so I ask for details of this craziness. She laughs. Again, this sounds like another way of describing self-control, but it seems unfair to tease Foster for having the quality that has made her life possible.

Foster and I are talking by phone while she is driving from a lunch meeting to her home in Los Angeles. It has been a day of phone mix-ups, with Foster twice not calling at arranged times before at last getting through.

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It was They were basically untouchable. Cue Oprah! Driver, then 27, and Damon had been dating for more than a year at that point, but when asked about his relationship status while appearing on an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show , the actor said he was single. This was, apparently, news to his girlfriend correction: ex-girlfriend. Umm, yeah.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have been best friends for decades, and we’re here to try it out too, so Ben linked him up with his manager and the rest is history! RELATED: Jennifer Garner is dating after Ben Affleck divorce.

The actor speaks frankly about everything from his addictive behavior and his divorce to why he lied about that back tattoo. Ben Affleck in Los Angeles recently. By Brooks Barnes. Warning: This is not one of those celebrity profiles that uses a teaspoon of new information to flavor a barrel of ancient history. There is no paragraph where the star and the writer pretend to be pals — gag — while doing an everyday-person activity. What was everyone eating? Who cares. No, you will not get served the obligatory canned quote from Matt Damon.

This is Ben Affleck, raw and vulnerable, talking extensively for the first time about getting sober again and trying to recalibrate his career again.

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They obsessed over them until they got some love — literally. Some super fans have managed to hunt down romance in Hollywood, going on dates and even tying the knot with celebrities of their dreams. Most recently, a die-hard Disney fanatic began stepping out with actor Jake T. Austin after tweeting at the young star for six years. The year-old heartthrob confirmed the relationship with civilian Danielle Caesar in a modern way: with a Instagram snap of the two cuddled in bed.

For years Matt Damon has recounted the romantic story about how he met his wife Lucy in a bar in Miami where he was filming the comedy.

He’s not short. For some reason this is the first thing people want to know when they hear you have met Matt Damon. It’s just our puny way of kicking out at an industry that manufactures a product so completely irresistible to so many of us: the celebrity. And in the year-old Damon, the star factory has found a mother lode of raw material: charm, good looks, an even temperament, smarts, a relish for hard work, devotion to his mom.

But if it makes you feel any better, Matt Damon feels your pain. He didn’t used to be him either. Ripley–Damon struggled for seven years to get enough work to feed himself. But tough as those years were, they are eclipsed in his memory by an experience he had when he was nine or

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Skip navigation! Story from Movies. What were you up to during your final year of college? If you were like Matt Damon , you were writing a script that would send your career hurtling to stardom — and garner you an Academy Award for screenwriting. By now, the story of genius janitor Will Hunting Matt Damon is the stuff of cinema legend.

Five years after her last acting role, the double Oscar-winner is back with Hotel Artemis. She talks about always playing tough characters, the.

She is best friends with Bonnie Bennett and her sister-in-law Caroline Forbes and is the older adoptive sister of Jeremy Gilbert. She is also the main love interest and wife of Damon Salvatore and the former love interest and sister-in-law of Stefan Salvatore. Elena is kind, caring, selfless, strong, responsible, independent, determined, courageous, self-righteous, compassionate, sympathetic, considerate, hopeful and forgiving.

Elena is one of the strongest characters throughout the entire series as she has gone through an incredible amount of tragedies within her life, beginning when she suffered her first major loss when her adoptive parents, Miranda and Grayson Gilbert died. Although Elena endured a major depression in wake of her parents death and her traumatic experience, Elena makes the effort to try and continue to live and renew her life after the events.

Elena continues to grow into a strong person, ready to face any new danger threatening her family, friends or loved ones and eventually learns to defend herself, especially after becoming a vampire. However, Elena still feels the sadness and loss of losing someone important to her as she continues to suffer more personal losses when she loses more of her family members such as Jenna, John, Isobel and even Jeremy, causing her to suffer a complete break down into tears.

While Elena is displayed as a damsel in distress, having to be rescued by Stefan or Damon, Elena gradually learns to fend for herself, having Alaric teach her and later becomes stronger, gaining Vampire powers to better protect herself.

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Matt Damon is currently married to Luciana Barroso. The couple started dating in and have been together for around 14 years, 8 months, and 19 days. Oscar-winning actor who first became known for his numerous collaborations with friend and co-writer Ben Affleck. They began dating sometime in He is a Leo and she is a Leo.

Life imitated art because the two started dating. Damon won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for his work on the film, catapulting to him to A-.

Not only is the story of how they met like something out of a rom-com, but the love and support they show each other is truly admirable. Matt Damon will be the first to tell you that luck was on his side the day he met his future wife. The Oscar winner opened up about the importance of being at the right place, at the right time on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in , breaking down the chain of events that had to happen in order for the pair to meet.

Breaking her no-media rule during Australian Fashion Week in , Barroso gave her first-ever public interview to Vogue Australia and revealed what really went down when her future hubby walked into her bar all those years ago. I was working as a bartender in South Beach and he was shooting a movie there and the crew ended up in the bar one Saturday night. Damon rose to the challenge. So it turned into a really fun night and then 15 years later here we are! Luckily, the actor immediately embraced both of those facts and accepted every part of her life — no questions asked.

As for the fact that only one of them is an A-list star, that never posed any problems either. Damon even credits that with being a big part of their marital success. I think you need to be with the person you love as much as possible. My wife is my soulmate. How strict is this rule? So strict that Damon has actually turned down work to stay true to his vow.

Jimmy Kimmel And Matt Damon’s Fake Feud: A Refresher Course

Bezos says the company attempted to extort and blackmail him after he hired a security consultant to find out how they obtained text messages revealing his romance with Sanchez, a pilot and former news anchor. Although Bezos and Sanchez have only been together for a short while, their relationship has already led to an astonishing chain of events that now involves a serious cast of characters including AMI’s CEO David Pecker, private security guru Gavin de Becker, and even President Donald Trump.

Here’s what you need to know about the new couple—and how they’ve handled the emerging scandal.

Matt Damon news, gossip, photos of Matt Damon, biography, Matt Damon girlfriend list Relationship history. Matt Damon.

Sign In. Edit Good Will Hunting Showing all 82 items. After the death of Robin Williams , the Boston Public Garden park bench where he and Matt Damon had their conversation scene became an impromptu memorial site for the actor; people left flowers, quotes and various items at the bench. A petition has been passed around to erect a statue in Williams’ memory near the bench. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck found a clever way to choose the right studio for their script: the story goes that on page sixty of the script, they wrote a completely out-of-nowhere sex scene between Will and Chuckie.

They took it to every major studio, and nobody even mentioned the scene. When they met with Harvey Weinstein at Miramax, he said “I only have one really big note on the script. About page sixty, the two leads, both straight men, have a sex scene. What the hell is that? As Weinstein was the only person who brought it up, Miramax was the studio chosen to produce the film. The lines in the scene when Sean talks about his late wife’s farting antics were ad-libbed by Robin Williams.

Best Friends for Life: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s Friendship

By Rebecca Davison for MailOnline. Social media erupted on Tuesday when Paul Young appeared on This Morning, proving he’s quite the forgiving man. The singer’s home was famously burgled by resident chef Gino D’Acampo, 42, when the Italian was just years-old, leading to him receiving a two year jail sentence. But luckily for both parties, Gino was not on the show that day as he is off for the summer holidays and appears on the show on an ‘ad-hoc’ basis anyway.

Historical event: Gino burgled the house when he was a year-old waiter and served two years in prison for the crime – he has since apologised. Yet many considered year-old Paul’s decision to go on the show to be a kind one given the fact that Gino is employed by the programme.

August 4, They go on a double date with Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana Barroso. Affleck and de Armas are officially the type of couple.

Being a great kisser is a learned skill. You’re not just innately born with it, and it’s actually really daunting when you’re doing in front of a camera. Talk about awkward! In the past, plenty of celebs have opened up about how awful it’s been to kiss their co-stars — from Shailene Woodley to Rupert Grint to Matt Damon. Then again, maybe they’re just not kissing the right person. Like a middle school cafeteria, gossip tends to float around Hollywood about who’s kissing who and who’s the best kisser.

Let’s just say, a lot of A-listers kiss and tell, and we’re going out on a limb to guess that some of that has to do with Bravo bigwig Andy Cohen and his unique ability to always bring up kissing when anyone is on his show.

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